Dear friends,
dear faithful, Our Synagogue has resumed its offices of Chabat since mid-June aftera long period of closure following the recommendations of the Central Consistory. Today, in theface of fears of a resumption of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems useful to recall the measureswe have taken: We refrain from coming to the synagogue in the event of fatigue or contact witha sick person; Each of us disinfects our hands when we arrive at the synagogue and before anycontact with other faithful; We do not brace, kisses and shake hands; We wear a maskthroughout the office; We respect the layout of the chairs which allows a distancing We keepour prayer books from one office to another in our usual places; We temporarily remove ourSaturday aperitifs.   We believe that strict compliance with these measures constitutes an effectivebarrier to the possible spread of the virus. Friendships

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