The clock

The clock
Dear visitors to our Narbonne synagogue website,

I’m proud to present the stained glass clock I had the privilege of creating for our beloved synagogue. This clock is much more than a simple instrument for measuring time; it embodies the deep connection between time, life and the spirituality of our community.

By choosing green tones for the colors of this clock, I wanted to recall the rich nuances of the nature that surrounds us, inviting us to contemplate the beauty of divine creation in every moment of our existence.

At the center of the clock is a majestic Hebrew letter: “Hai”, meaning “life”. This letter is a powerful symbol of eternal life, of the vitality and energy that animates each and every one of us. It is also a reminder of the importance of every precious moment we spend together in our synagogue, nourishing our spirit and strengthening our bonds with Torah and with our community.

Through this clock, I hope that everyone can feel the presence of the Divine in every beat of time that passes, expressing to us our commitment to the sacred teachings of the Torah and our responsibility to future generations.

May this stained-glass clock symbolize the importance of each moment in our spiritual quest, and our commitment to life and the truth of our faith.
With all my love and gratitude,

Louise Strouk Bareil