Pessach 2024

Dear friends,

Purim is drawing to a close and we must already begin preparations for Pesach.
As Purim fell on a Sunday, we were able to celebrate it fully together, with over 50 people taking part in the Mishteh.
Now we’re moving on to Pesach, which begins on the evening of Monday 22 April with the first Seder and ends on the evening of Tuesday 30 April.
As every year, you can buy kosher products from our cooperative; orders are now closed but we have a small stock for latecomers.
Once again this year, we are holding two community Seder at the synagogue on the evenings of 22 and 23 April. The price per person and per Seder is €25.
Don’t delay in signing up!
We wish you a peaceful and joyful Pesach holiday. May it be an opportunity to free yourself of all constraints and superfluities and end the year in serenity.

Leon Ohana

the Chairman of ACIN