Dear friends,

We have just obtained the consent of the Consistory for the reopening of our synagogue on Saturday, in accordance with the announcements of the President of the Republic. Of course, this reopening will be done under the strict condition of compliance with a health protocol to which we are now accustomed and whose main lines remain as follows: Mandatory mask wearing Mandatory hand washing upon entering the building Thoroughly ventilate all areas. Appoint one (or more) health referent who enforces the rules. Separation of at least two seats between two faithful and condemnation of every other row. Prior registration required. Multiply the number of offices if necessary. Limit the duration of services. Elderly and medically frail people are advised not to attend services. No community meals, neither kiddush nor seoudot. Presence prohibited for children. We therefore meet you from Saturday morning around 9:30 am for the resumption of our services. We take this opportunity to also inform you that the co-op will normally be restocked on Friday; It will normally be open this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. with many products available. It is also open on Sunday morning (on condition of making a request to +33 4 68 65 06 11 Sincerely Office



The community of Narbonne

welcomes you on its website. Here you will find the history of the Jews in Narbonne, practical information, as well as the people to contact in case of need. Good reading.

Office times The Synagogue de Narbonne is open for offices on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, as well as for party days:  

Friday evening: 6:30 pm in winter / 7 pm in summer Saturday morning: 9:15 a.m.